How do I get the Cheapest Dominos Pizza Every time?

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Do you like to eat dominos pizza? Yes, I do and nowadays it’s my favorite fast food option but how do I get the cheapest Dominos Pizza every time I order it and that’s almost every day. So, here I am to tell you how to get the cheapest dominos pizza near you.

Well, I am not talking about dominos coupon codes that will give you a discount but I will tell you the tricks that I use. Yes, I use dominos coupon codes but how to find those coupon codes and what are they. Well, I have a trick and I don’t look for dominos coupon codes as I generate coupon codes. But, first, let’s talk about why dominos pizza?

The main reason to buy dominos pizza is its taste and then it’s filling. Yes, if you eat a regular size pizza it makes you full while if you go to KFC or Macdonald’s, there are chances that you will end up spending more. So, its better to get your tummy full with just a regular size pizza. My absolute favorite is the Veg Pizza Mania Onion and Capsicum. It is because they are cheap and also you can imagine the prices of onion nowadays. I will tell my tricks to get the cheapest dominos pizza but here are some popular Dominos Coupon Codes that work.

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Dominos Coupon Codes that work in 2020

  1. THURSDAY100
  3. PIZZA50
  4. Everyday Value Offers
  5. FREEDOM100 – Up to 40% Off (Max Upto Rs.100) On All Pizzas

Now. let’s get straight to the tricks that I use to get the cheapest Dominos Pizza.

How to Get Cheapest Dominos Pizza every time

1. Dominos Coupon Code – Rs 100 OFF

Yes, I will give you a dominos coupon code that will give you Rs 100 discount every time. But, let me tell you my short story first. There was a time when I used to struggle a lot to find the right dominos coupon that can give me a discount. And, trust me it was difficult as it is for you now. But, this trick that I am about to tell you works all the time. So, there is a discount coupon which gives you Rs 100 Off on your dominos order. The dominos coupon code for Rs 100 Off is TODAY100. Yes, it’s not exactly Today100 but its a trick. So, suppose its SUNDAY today, so the coupon code will be SUNDAY100. So, these are the Dominos Coupon Codes for every day:

  • Sunday – SUNDAY100
  • Monday – MONDAY100
  • Tuesday – TUESDAY100
  • Wednesday – WEDNESDAY100
  • Thursday – THURSDAY100
  • Friday – FRIDAY100
  • Saturday – SATURDAY100

How to use the Dominos Coupon Code to get the discount?

Now, the real question is how to use this coupon code that I gave you?

  • This coupon works only on Dominos Official Website and App
  • It gives you Rs 100 Discount from your total order
  • You will get the discount only if you order above Rs 300. Yes, the minimum order criteria is Rs 300.
  • So, if your order is for Rs 312, after using this coupon you will have to pay just Rs 212.

2. Get Instant 40% Discount – No Minimum Order

Now, this was where you get a huge discount on your dominos pizza but the problem is of minimum order. So, if you just want to have one pizza or maybe two pizzas then you can also grab a huge discount with this trick. Yes, there is no minimum order requirement here but there is a catch. Here you are actually ordering food online but you will not get it delivered. You will have to physically visit the store and get your pizza. All you have to do is go to the Zomato’s Pickup section and order your pizza. If you pick it up directly from the store you will get a 40% discount. Another thing that you can do is make an order online and then pick it up even if you are visiting the store.

3. Order in Bulk to get the cheapest dominos pizza

One more thing that most people do is order one or two pizza which is one of your big mistakes. Yes, if you make a small order you have to pay the full price but if you order above Rs 300 you can always grab a huge discount. But, if you want to get the cheapest dominos pizza then you should focus on ordering in bulk.

So, what you can do si ask your friends and order together. So, if your friends also about to make an order then you should do it together. Or, you can give your friend a pizza treat for free. But, we don’t do it more often but you can do it for your family, right? So, ask your family if they are interested in a pizza party and you all can get the cheapest dominos pizza every time you make an order.

4. Use Multiple Food Apps

Now, this is not something new that I am telling you. In the last post where I told you about getting a heavy discount on all your food orders, I told you about using all the food apps available out there. So, if you start using all the food apps out there you will have a comparison of prices all the time. But, it won’t happen in the case of Dominos Pizza as they have standard pricing. But, still, because of the discount offers of these food apps the prices are different.

So, you can use Zomato, Foodpanda and Dominos app to check the alternative prices. And, order from wherever you get the most discount. Sometimes you can get it from the Dominos app itself and don’t have to visit any other

5. Search for Coupon Codes Online

I told you about a few tricks and discount codes but remember these codes are not going to work always. So, you will have to keep yourself updated with the latest updates and codes. You should know the trick which is working now not a one month or a year ago. And, how are you going to know that? By searching online about it. So, always keep searching for new developments.

You can always keep visiting our website to get the latest information. Then there are a lot of websites providing discount codes that work. And, these websites also keep on updating such codes. So, something that works today may not work tomorrow but your knowledge shall.

Conclusion – Get the Cheapest Dominos Pizza

So, these are my personal tricks which help me get the cheapest dominos pizza every time and you can also take the help of these tricks. Nowadays I make orders using the Dominos Website only as I always get the Rs 100 Off on my pizza orders. They do not deliver for orders below Rs 300 but I order for about Rs 300 only.

The best combination to order is 5 Onion Regular Pizzas worth Rs 59 for a total of Rs 295 and some taxes make it above Rs 300 and then the Rs 100 Discount is always there. So, make a bulk order and get some amazing discounts. This is how you can get the cheapest dominos pizza every time.

I got the cheapest pizza for just Rs 25 back in 2019.

Now, you tell me the cheapest Dominos Pizza that you ever got.

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