Make Passive Income with Blogging ($10000/month) while you sleep

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Are you working hard very hard to make money online but the results are depressing? This is because you are working hard not smart. But don’t worry, I will help you make “passive income with blogging” step by step that will make you rich eventually.

In addition to the secret to making passive income with blogging, I have also linked a few Youtube videos that will help you do a few things altogether.

This will not make you rich overnight but it takes time and that is why we are calling it passive income. All you have to do is work today considering your future after two years. Maybe you become super rich after ten years down the line and you are even ready for early retirement at the age of 40. In fact, I have seen people taking retirements at the age of 30 or even 28.

Don’t you think 28 is too early to be retired but blogging will make your dreams come true if followed properly? And that is why Ia m here to help you so that you do it properly. But if you are thinking that you will not have to work for it then you are mistaken. Let’s say, you are planning to make $10000 a month after two years then put the work today and I promise to you that you will make more than you desire for.

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But before I help you with the process of becoming a billionaire let me take you through the meaning of the concept.

What is Blogging?

Nowadays no one has time to read newspapers and read books while everyone likes to get knowledge on the go. And, this is an opportunity for people like you and my ego wants to make money with Blogging. Because Blogging is what, sharing knowledge, right? So, if you have knowledge on a particular why not share it with others. But how will you share this knowledge with such a huge number of people surfing on the Internet? You can do it by starting a blog. And, you can do it by publishing your first website and start posting content on it.

Blogging is simply writing but to start blogging you need a website where you can write and to create a website you will have to incur some expenditure on buying a domain and hosting plus to set up a website.

There are a lot of ways to make money online and blogging is one of those methods. If you are one who is looking to make passive income with blogging in the long run then blogging is such a perfect option, to begin with.

Blogging is Writing?

Blogging is nothing but writing but it includes hell lot of things than writing. You have to do a certain things before you write and a few things after you write. You will have to write about something you know or something you are passionate about. It could be anything maybe your daily routine or about a place that you have traveled.  But to write, you need a platform where you can create a blog and start writing. There are plenty of platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Wix and many more but we are talking about WordPress which is immensely popular and best from an SEO point of view.

So, now you know what exactly blogging is? do you? Well, I can’t tell you what you have understood or not but I can help you with your doubts. and for that, you will have to let me know in the comments below.

But, for now, let’s go ahead with the process of making passive income with Blogging and how you will become rich with passive income.

How to Start making passive income with Blogging?

1. Niche Selection

The obvious question that should come to your mind is what is a Niche? A niche is the topic or category of your blog. You need a niche so that you have a certain goal of what type of content you are about to post. There are different methods that can help you on choosing a particular niche but my personal favorite is to ask yourself. You need to understand that there are a lot of people doing the thing that you are about to do. And, why would anyone visit your blog is because you will have to be distinct with it. So, how you become distinct is by posting on the niche that you know the best.

And, the other way to select a niche is by analyzing the competition and finding out the best niche with low competition and high traffic. You can do some keyword research on Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

First things first, t6o write anything you nee da topic and the topic is your niche on which you are going to write. There are plenty of profitable niches but you should pick that one on which you can write at least 100 posts. Because even if you are choosing the best niche but if you are not passionate about it, it won’t work. So, niche selection is up to you.

2. Buying a Domain

Once you have your niche now all you need is the name of your blog. And, that name is the domain name of your blog. The domain name is the URL of your website so you need a domain that suits your niche and is easy to remember. Make sure that you do not include numbers in your domain name. You can buy a domain name from any registrar you wish. The best is Godaddy if you are just starting because they give you first domain for as cheap as Rs 99.

What is the Importance of Domain?

Your domain gives you an identity and makes you unique. While this may seem like mere the name of your blog but don’t forget that this is what people remember you by. So, to make yourself remembered in the minds of visitors, you need to have a distinct name and something that can be easily remembered. Let me tell you a short story about my experience. I am a person who remembers the name of almost every website I visit. But I don’t remember sites that have numbers in their names. however, a website named is always there in my mind. So, all I am trying to say is numbers are not good to have in your name but sometimes it may help you.

And, one more thing is there, no matter what is the domain extension at the end of your website, people always call it an site. So, it is not advised to have a website with any other extension except .com. However, nowadays, .in domains are quite popular but yeah why compromise on a few bucks.

3. Buying Hosting

Now, you have a niche and a domain name that will appear on browser but how will you host content on your website. So, to start posting content, you need server space. To get server space, you can buy shared hosting from any hosting provider. There are some of the best like Hostgator, Bluehost, Webhots, etc.

Let’s say you have decided to start blogging on men’s hairstyle and you also purchased a domain as Now, I am sure that you must be having some ideas on what to post on this blog right? But where will you post it? So, you also purchased a shared hosting from Hostgator. Ia m just giving an example nothing with the Hostgator any of the hosting providers.

But, if you are confused like me about which hosting plan should you buy from which hosting provider. Even I was confused when I was looking to buy my first hosting. Actually, you are not buying a server but just renting it. But the question is from where to buy? So, my suggestion would be that buy it from any hosting provider but choose a shared hosting of just the smallest plan or that one which has the lowest price. And, also make sure that you are buying it for just 3 months. Why am I suggesting you like that?

All I want to say to you is to buy a cheap hosting at the beginning because you will not have any traffic to your site at this stage. And, buy it for 3 months only so that after 3 months when you have some traffic and content on your site, you will be able to handle it.

4. Set up the Website

I must congratulate to you now because you are just about to make your website live. you have your domain and hosting accounts ready and that is what you need to set up a website. Let’s say you purchased from Godaddy for Rs 128 and a shared hosting from Hostgator costing you Rs 259/month. So, all this totals to 259*3=777 + 128 = 905. I will just round figure it to 1000. So, your website is now ready in just Rs 1000. And, if you are wondering what it’s not ready then you are right. But let me tell you that you do not need to spend a single penny now. And, if you are tilling thinking about how you can get a domain for Rs 128 then check this out where I laid down the plan to get a domain for as cheap as Rs 99.

How to Connect Domain and Hosting?

You are almost ready to go as you have a domain and a server space but first, you will have to connect these two by updating the nameservers on your DNS Settings. If you are buying both domains and hosting from the same company then you can simply ignore this process. After this, you will have to install WordPress and set up a website. If you are not confident enough, then you can watch some Youtube tutorials or hire someone to do this.

Now, just check the email that you have received from your Hosting provider about the hosting plan. It must include two nameservers. Just copy those nameservers and login to your domain account with Godaddy and go to my products. there you will find DNS button and just click on it. Then scroll down and click on change in nameservers section. Select custom and paste the nameservers that you have copied and now click on save.

You are just one step away to make passive income with blogging in the long run.

5. Install WordPress

The next step is to get WordPress installed and it’s completely free. One way to install WordPress is by downloading it from the WordPress website and upload it to your file manager which will take a few minutes. But, another way to do it is by just making a few clicks from your Hosting’s panel itself. Yes, most of the hosting providers these days give you an option to directly install it on your website. Scroll down to the software’s section after logging in to your Cpanel. And then click on WordPress Software and then select your Domain and click on Instal after choosing a username and password.

Yes, it’s ready, now you can go to your website’s dashboard by going to the wp-admin section. For example, I will go to and from there you can control almost everything. Firstly, it will ask you for a username and password that you have entered in the last step. So, just get logged in and start customizing your website by choosing a custom theme from WordPress Library. You can watch a few Youtube tutorials to build the perfect website.

6. Start Writing

By now, you have created a website that is publicly available or you haven’t yet? Well, if you are finding any difficulty in the process, let me help you by commenting on the query that is how I can help you.

So, let us start by writing some posts there. If you are in the back-end of WordPress panel then click on add new post and start writing there. But, what would you write? When I started my first blog I was simply writing some news stuff that other popular websites were posting. And, once I just copied heir text and posted it on my site. But, that wasn’t the right thing to do. And, you don’t have to do it anyway because I am just telling you what to do now. I will take this example of where I would write the first ten posts as:

What type of content you should write?

  1. Top 100 Best Hairstyles for Men in 2019
  2. 10 Reasons you are losing your hairs very fast
  3. 10 Hair Products that are damaging your Scalp
  4. Best Hairstyles for Round Face Men
  5. Hairstyles that Women find attractive in men
  6. 10 Best Hair Care Products for Men
  7. 10 Hairstyles that you can do at your home
  8. Best Hairstyles with Long Hair for men

You can write content that will draw the audience in the long run as these are some evergreen topics. This is just for reference to you as you will have your own niche and audience. But make sure that you are not wasting your time by writing some useless content. Write something that is valuable and helps someone genuinely. Because if you are helping someone with your knowledge, you are definitely going to make money out of it.

My plan for you is to help make passive income over time but for now, you will have to put in your efforts only. For the first month, I want you to write at least 15 posts of such caliber with evergreen topics. I know, this is too much to ask for but all I am asking is to write 1000-1200 words on every post for the first month write only 15 posts. So, you will write 15000 words in the first 30 days that means 500 words a day. I am very positive that you can do it. Remember that this is very necessary at the beginning if you are looking to make passive income with blogging.

7. Make Passive income with Blogging

After the first month, you have 15 posts with a minimum of 1000 words and now you will get listed on Google Search engine eventually. But the good thing is that you have something to share now. But I will ask you to post a few more posts before applying for the monetization pon your blog. Because I want you to be aware of the fact that Google may even reject your application for Google Adsense but if you follow the instructions properly, I promise that you won’t regret anything.

So, y6ou are writing now on a regular basis and start sharing it with your followers on social media. Once you have a few articles posted for example 20 articles posted then you can apply for monetization on your blog. The great platform to make money is Google Adsense. You can place ads and make money, also, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.

Well done now you have applied for Google Adsense for the monetization but make sure that you have done a few things before you apply.

  • Publish Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us pages on your website.
  • Also, create a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google’s Webmaster.
  • And, one more thing, make sure to have at least 15-20 posts with at least 1000 words.

If you have done all the things that I have asked you to do you will get Adsense approval within 2-3 days after applying. but I want you to know that Google Adsense is not the only source to make money with Blogging.

Ways to Monetize your Blog

  • You can place Google Adsense ads on your website and become rich with passive income
  • Also, you can charge brands for placing their custom ads on your website.
  • Then there is affiliate marketing that has its own benefits.
  • And, just as Google Adsense there are several Ad Networks to make money like the

8. Make $10000 a month passive income with blogging

If you are looking to make $10000 every month from day one then it won’t work like this. It will take at least a year to make that much money but remember we are discussing passive income. So, I just want you to work a lot for the first year and then all you have to do is be smart. If you are following the process of writing 15 posts every month then after 6 months you should have at least 80-90 posts and that is more than enough. Let’s say you have 60 posts after 6 months because I know it is not easy to get so many posts easily. But now after 6 months, All I want is to congratulate you because you have worked very hard in the first six months.

Now, its time to work a bit harder but don’t worry now you just write one post a week and work more on SEO and Marketing of your content. If you have 60 posts with evergreen content, I can bet on this that at least 25 of them should be ranked in the first page of Google and if they aren’t then you need to do more of SEO work.


This is definitely going to help you more traffic and fetch you more revenue. You were working very hard and now you will get the benefit from what you have done in the past. This is the beauty of Blogging. You get the fruit eventually and make passive income.

Now, you must be aware that you will have to kick start things as soon as possible and get the work rolling. If you just keep on saying Tomorrow, remember Tomorrow never comes. All you have is today and start working Today Only.

Let me wind up this thing with everything that I have mentioned here. select a niche that works for you and buys a domain on that niche. Get your website started with WordPress and start writing posts with a minimum content of 1000 words. Keep writing a minimum of 15 posts every month and hen focus more on SEO and marketing of your content. It will help you generate a lot of money with the traffic from search engines and social media. And, this will surely make you passive income with blogging in the long run.

This is what Blogging is and there are plenty of ways to make money online with Blogging. All you need is a blog that is the website which can be set up using WordPress simple.

What is your opinion about Blogging in 2019? And let me know if you are able to “make passive income with blogging”?

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