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I believe in the simple principle that says MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED. So let’s start this wave to save for your future at Cash Kranti. You never know when emergency knocks your door and you get troubled so start saving today. Here I am to assist you on saving in every deal you make, getting maximum returns on your investment and creating more income sources.

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My aim is to create this wave to save so that you have enough money when you need it. I follow a simple philosophy of not asking anyone for any kind of help. And, I am quite happy with that. I believe in helping others. So, if you start saving today, one day you will be able to help anyone that you want to. Start with the wave and make it an ocean of savings. And, here I am to help you with the idea of earnings and savings.

Cash Kranti is the platform where I intend to help you with the maximum output possible. Why are you wasting the Internet if you can make money with it?

Follow my simple methods and be rich in the long run. If you are an aspiring Blogger here is the guide to make $10,000 passively with Blogging

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My Journey as a Writer before Cash Kranti

I was just a normal guy like you had nothing to do with the world of writing. But all of a sudden something happened. It was 2016 and I was just working for my new Youtube channel. There I used to upload videos about smartphones. And I uploaded a video about a new phone which was viewed by a friend who was running a blog. He was impressed with that video and asked me if I could write to him and I couldn’t deny him. After all, he agreed to pay me. Now don’t get surprised if I tell you that he was paying me only Rs 40 per article. But still, I was about to earn pocket money.

That was the beginning of my writing journey and I started writing articles regularly. I used to write one or two articles in a week and somewhat 12-15 articles in a month. This means that I was earning a maximum of Rs 600 a month but I wasn’t looking for money. It was like I started enjoying writing. After a few months, he referred me to another client who was seeking for a content writer. And I started working with him for rs 100 per article. Then I got another client through a referral and meanwhile, I started my own blog. So I was writing for four blogs now and making somewhat around Rs 8-10000 a month.

Let’s Help

Currently, I am managing two other blogs apart from Cash Kranti and do some freelancing work

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My Smart Support

I am a helper who loves to help anyone with any type of possible help( apart from financial). Also, I love to make new friends so if you want to be friends with me, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

If you feel any kind of help I can be with, feel free to write to me at nirmaldwivedi83@gmail.com

You can also message me here

Instagram – @hitek_nirmal

Twitter – @hiteknirmal


Thanks for being here


Nirmal Dwivedi

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