How to Save Money on Food Orders?

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Ordering food online is something that we always do but do you know how to save money on food orders online? Yes, I know and I save every time I order food online.

I am not lying here when I say about saving money on food orders. It’s my habit now to order food only when it has a discount and luckily I am able to get discounts every time. But how do I do that? Don’t worry I will tell you everything here so stay tuned with me. Here is my experience with how to save money on food orders? So, let’s start.

Firstly I would suggest that you should avoid ordering food online and start cooking. But, any way I know that you are not going to listen so let me tell you how to save on ordering. So, if you cook your food instead of ordering from a restaurant you are going to save a lot of money but you should also know to save money on orders too.

Here is how to save money on food orders

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How to Save Money on Food Orders?

#1. Order Online instead of making calls

One common mistake that we all do is by making orders with a call. And, this is what you are not supposed to do. Never make calls to order. Always make online orders. Let’s suppose you made an order with a phone call, the restaurant guy will pick up the phone and write down your order. Them when you get your food you will have to pay the bill and delivery charges too.

But, what if you stop doing this and make orders online? You can customize your order the way you want and you can always get some discounts. Firstly you don’t have to remember any specific restaurants as you will get a list of top-rated restaurants. You can put your trust in other guys’ experiences.

There is another argument that restaurants charge a higher amount for online orders than their actual prices. Yes, it happens in the case of some restaurants. but you will have to adjust. And, the real question lies in your judgment about the prices and restaurants. My ideal advice would be to check both and compare side by side.

#2. Use Multiple Food Apps

Now, one more very important aspect of ordering food online is using an app on your device. There is Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, Foodpanda and what not. You can use any of these apps to make your orders but you should not stick to only one app. Yes, the problem is that most of the people use only one app all the time.

But if you want to save money on food orders then you should use all of these apps combined. Let’s suppose you want to order Dal Makhani then you should check the prices for Dal Makhani on all these apps and compare them side by side. Not only the prices but also the ratings of the restaurants who offer Dal Makhani.

Sometimes it happens that the same restaurants are offering the same product for different prices on all of these different apps. So, why not get it from the cheapest one. And, to save this money you will have to check on these different apps at the same time.

#3. Check for welcome Offers to save money

Let’s get to another important aspect of how to save money on food orders. So, if your reusing any of the food ordering apps you must be aware of their welcome offers. All of these food ordering apps want to attract more and more customers. So, they keep on running some welcome offers.

If you join any of these apps they will give you a 50-60% discount on your first 3 or first 5 orders. So, why not take advantage of these offers. Back in the time, Zomato used to give a 60% discount on the first five orders and I took full advantage of this offer. I used to make five orders and then create a new ID to make the next five orders. This way I did it with Foodpanda and Swiggy too.

So, its always good to look for some welcome offers. You can check on the alternative apps if there is any welcome offer. All you have to do is create a new ID and start ordering with it.

#4. Look for Discount Coupons

Yes, there are always some discount coupons available on every type of app. It’s my habit to always look for some discount coupons whenever I order anything. And, its a hundred percent true that you always have some coupons.

All you have to do is search for some coupons online and there are websites who do the job for you. Yes, they do all the research and find some discount coupons that actually work. Sometimes it happens that a few discount coupons do not work but you should not give up. You will have to be a bit smart to find the right coupons.

So, if you can actually do a bit of research and find the right coupon then you can save a lot of money.

#5. Save Money on Delivery Charges

Now, another thing where you end up paying extra money is delivery charges. Whenever you order your food online they always ask for some delivery charges. It’s okay to pay a bit of money but sometimes it goes up to Rs 100. Yes, imagine you are making a food order of Rs 100 and another 100 rupees as delivery charges.

But, don’t worry here I am to tell you the exact method of how to save money on food orders on delivery charges. Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid delivery charges but in that case, you should check for an alternative app. But, in most of the cases, you should make an order above a certain limit. Yes, if you order for above Rs 200 or 300 they do nor ask for any delivery charges.

And, why not do it and save on delivery charges. It’s true that they make a lot of money by a large order but when you make use of other tricks that I have mentioned here like using a discount coupon code you can still save a lot of money. So, be smart and save your money on food orders.

#6. Take Premium membership

So, there is this thing that most of these food ordering applications always give you a popup of signing up for their prime membership. Now, I won’t recommend you to get a Prime membership if you are a casual food orderer. But, if you make food orders every day or almost every day then its something that could save you a lot of money.

Now, I am not talking about anyone app but all of these apps function in quite a similar way. You get free delivery for any size of food order. So, you will not have to pay for your delivery charges anymore. Then you always get some exciting offers running. So, why not get it right away.

So, gift yourself a prime membership of your favorite food app and start saving money. Now, I can not tell you which is your favorite app but you already know.

That’s all about how to save money on food orders.

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Conclusion on how to save money on food orders

So, these are my personal tactics on how to save money on food orders. These are not the only things that you should do but you can always do something like this. The only aim I have is to get the best value for money no matter what I buy. And, the same continues for my food orders too.

If you are smart enough you will always find a way to save your money. Nobody can teach you to be a smarty but you will always have to be updated with the world. So, keep yourself updated and save some money because money saved is money earned that’s the basic principle that I follow and even you should follow.

So, use all of the food apps that you know and compare the prices for your food. And, also keep this in mind that if you are not satisfied with your food don’t hesitate to complain about it and who knows you may get a discount in your future orders. Then you always look for some discount coupons always to save some money.

That’s all about it now tell me which food app do you use to order your favorite food?

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