50 Powerful Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

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Do you want to make money online without any investment? Yes, it’s possible and if you are thinking about it then here I am to help you with 50 ways to make money online that actually work in 2019. These are some tried and tested methods that work for many people and they are making lakhs of rupees every month.

I have been wondering what if someone starts paying money for doing nothing but I know its just a dream. But guess what someone said that if you can think about something, you can also make it real. And yes there are ways that make passive income while you are chilling, having vacations or maybe sleeping. But for that, you will have to work first. And I mean works means actually work and hard work. If you do it now you will get the fruit of online earning later. And, with that in mind, I have listed down “50 different ways to make money online passively.”

Let me tell you one thing that nothing is impossible all you need is the right amount of work done in the right direction. And, if things are not going the way they should go then maybe you are doing the wrong thing or you need to make a few changes. Do it now or regret later.

Table of Contents

Things You must know before you Make Money Online

It’s easy to make money online but you must be sure about a few things before you step into online earning. Here are a few things that I follow and I have seen people doing these things.

  • Patience – It’s easy to make money on the Internet but patience is the gift that not everyone has. Because when you are doing stuff online, it takes time to show you results.
  • Consistency – No matter how good you are in doing a lot of things. But something that matters is how consistent you do a particular thing over time. And, the Internet requires you to be consistent with your content in any possible way.
  • Hard work – You will find a lot of tricks to make money online but this is not one of those. I am helping you to make a livelihood on the Internet, not some trick to win or lose money.
  • Passive Income – My primary focus here is to help you make huge money in the long run. The focus is to make you rich after a period of time and now is the time to start it.
  • Value addition – If you wanted to earn money online then you will have to add some value to it. If you are trying to do something that already there then you are just wasting your time.

Enough of this philosophical stuff now let’s just jump to the main list of ideas that actually make money online nowadays.

Ways to Make Money Online

#1. Make Money by Uploading Videos on Youtube

Whether you accept it or not but Youtube is the hot topic right now and you can make a lot of money on Youtube. Not only you make money but become a famous personality too. Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani are quite popular Youtubers but they are a talented one. And, I am not asking you to showcase your talent because if you have a talent it is automatically going to come out whether you want or not. So, let’s just talk about something that you can do with a plan. Yes, you can create list videos by simply making a list about anything say richest people, best cars, top celebs or anything.

I have this doubt that you may not belive me if I say you can make more than one lakh by uploading only a few videos. But one thing is to be very clear that you are providing some values through videos. So, let me give you a practical example. Recently I had a discussion with Dharmendra Kumar who has a Youtube Channel named My Smart Support where he makes videos to help YouTubers and bloggers. Meanwhile, he showed me a message received from his bank which had a recent payment as Rs 95000 which he received from Youtube for the previous month.

Now you may argue that Rs 95000 is quite less for a Youtuber like him but the fact of the matter is that he did not upload a single video in the previous two months. So, that was the earning from his old videos. This is what you can make from Youtube. You can make money online from Youtube passively.

#2. Be a Billionaire with Blogging

blogging is something we all are familiar with and you cannot deny that blogging is better than Youtube or not? Well, I cannot answer this question but all I can say is that you can make a lot of money with Blogging. There was a time when those who are into mainstream media used to neglect bloggers. But, blogging is a bigger pillar now in the media industry.

But how you can make money with it? Well, if you are considering yourself a good writer then you must give it a try. Because the core thing that you do is write and then there are a lot of things involved too but consider it as a writing workshop in the first thought. Actually, I am wrong here because you can also hire a third party writer like me to write for your blog. Yes, I am a writer and that’s why I am writing this.

The good thing is that you can make money beyond your imagination. I know a few people who make a figure that exceeds $10000 a month. Now, you can guess what Blogging is capable of. But you will have to do things like Writing, SEO, Marketing, etc. If you are ready for all this then you must create a blog and start sharing your knowledge. I have already shared a detailed plan on “how to make passive income with Blogging ($10000/month).”

#3. Start with Affiliate Marketing

Let me assume this that you are aware of affiliate marketing but do you know how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Don’t worry I am here to help you make money online with affiliate stuff but if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is then. It is a form of marketing where you are paid a part of selling price as commission for selling the product. Almost every e-commerce store has its affiliate program and you can join them. Amazon Affiliate is quite a popular one but you can join any affiliate and make huge money.

I know a popular Blogger who makes money only with Affiliate Marketing and I am pretty sure that his earnings are more than 3 lakhs a month. The best way to start affiliate marketing is to start a blog about your niche and start helping with people with the content. If people trust your content and you, they are surely going to follow your links.

Affiliate Marketing is easiest of all the methods and if you can do it the right way you are bound to succeed. All you have to do is select a niche that has lesser competition and just start working for your dreams.

#4. Make Money Online with Consulting

Now, this is a bit interesting and knowledgable part where you actually need some knowledge to talk about something. But, the good thing is that knowledge can be acquired easily if you want to and that knowledge could be very useful to others who will pay you.

I am not saying your knowledge is not good but there are chances that you may not be aware of this fact that Consultants charge for minutes. Yes, those are in the top of the industry charge a very high amount for only an appointment of a few minutes. Imagine yourself in a position where you are the top guy and people want to know your view on everything.

You can make a hell lot of money but if you are looking to start it, here is the simple formula. All you need to do is to start a blog with your knowledge of the niche and keep publishing your knowledge. If people are reading your stuff, they are eventually going to ask your opinion and thoughts too. And, you can charge them to schedule an appointment on phonecall or video conference.

The best plan is to let people know about your knowledge for free and they will pay to get more of it.

#5. Web Development

The easiest way to make money online is Web development. All you have to do is create websites and make money. It feels like creating websites is very difficult but it’s not. I am not saying that you can create a website just like eating noodles but if you watch a few Youtube tutorials, I am confident that you can do it.

People who want to expand their business to the online world of the Internet need a website and if you convince them, they will pay you any amount you ask for. All you need is the knowledge of WordPress and that will make you a champ in this field.

There are people who find it very difficult and if you can make it easy for them they will pay you. As a beginner, you can offer them something complementary and you get a loyal client.

So, the good thing is that you can create a website very easily and that means you can make money online very easily. So, what are you waiting for now? Start your mission and get the wheel rolling on the field.

#6. App Development

I cannot say now that app development is easy but you can learn it if you want to. App development requires knowledge of a few programming languages and a few software. Here the core is that you should have the desire to learn it.

Similar toa website now everyone needs an app too. Everyone wants to get more and more of users and smartphone is the key. If you know how to create applications for different platforms or any of the platform you can make huge money out of it. The future is yours.

I have a friend who is into app development and now he is very famous. He created an app about his village and he got quite famous. And, it is worth noticing part is that he is just 17 now. One more app he created was about learning for students based on AI. Now he is learning advanced machine learning and stuff but he is quite popular and makes huge money.

You can also create an app for yourself and publish it on Google Playstore for Android devices. There you can place Admob ads and make money with increasing users. Simple isn’t it?

#7. Creativity in Content Writing

If you ask me anything about content writing, I can surely help you as I have been doing this for the past 3-4 years. And if you are looking to make a livelihood out of content writing, you can read my post about how you can make $500 a month by writing content as a freelancer.

Content writing is just writing but it has to be creative because everyone wants something new and that’s why they are going to read you. You need to think from the reader’s point of view and imagine if you would have been ready to read this. If you get a positive answer from yourself, that the response you would get.

You can start writing for others and they will pay you. It does not require you to maintain any database or any website but simply writing. You can use Google Docs for free to start writing or any software you already have installed on your computer. You may not believe this but as a beginner, I used to write my articles on my phone.

If you want to know how much money you can make then let me tell you this that you get paid for every word you write. As an example, I charge Rs 0.75 per word written by me.

#8. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is something you must be familiar with but do you know it includes almost everything you see on social media. It includes things like logo making, banners, social media info card, and even blogging images.

Do you know people charge an amount up to RS 10000 just to create an Infocard? Yes, there are people who are ready to pay for your work. If you are there on absolute top, you can charge any amount.

People do exceptional work and they get paid exceptionally. Brands are ready to pay any amount because they need their work to be done immensely exceptional.

You can be a graphic designer with a bit of knowledge of Photoshop and Canva is always there to help you.

#9. Video Editing

Don’t you think video editing is a bit difficult thing to do? But let me tell you you are wrong. Video editing is quite easy but yes its needs creativity.

I would say Video editing is not an easy job but it is for creative people. There is one popular software called Wondershare Filmora and you can learn it as soon as you Download it, Yes, its very simple.

I am a video editor and I do it for my Youtube channel. Earlier, I have also worked as a freelance video editor and even a full-time job for a few media firms. And, I can assure you that there is a lot of money there in this field.

You can charge any amount for editing simple short video clips. And, if you learn a bit of animation then only sky is the limit for you.

#10. Voice Over

Voice over artists are making a lot of money beyond your imagination but it’s in Bollywood, right? But we are talking about something that you can do online from your home.

You can be a voice-over artist from your home too. All you need is a mic and even if you don’t have money for it you can start with your smartphone too. Voiceovers can be started by recording on your phone and editing it on software called Audacity which is absolutely free.

There are people who are paying 8000-10000 for a five-minute voiceover. And, they give you the script you give them voiceover and you get paid. Its simple to make money with voiceovers but you have to understand this you will have to be a bit creative here.

You will have to make your voice a little bit attractive so that people listen to you.

#11. Astrology

Astrology is something Indian believe a lot and where there is the belief there is money. Trust me on this that you can make any amount of money with it all you need is the right people to pay you.

I come from a Hindu Brahmin family so I have the better idea of what Astrology actually means. Astrology is something Hinduism is based on and whenever a Hindu goes to some Pandit for the solution he asks for their Astrology. And there are people who charge as much as Rs 5000 for a simple Astrology. And, all it takes is a software to make astrology.

You can simply buy software and create Astrology for people who will pay you. And, if you know anything about the world of Astrology then you can make a fine career out of it.

#12. Book Writing

Writing is an art that can be learned but you have to have an interest in writing. And, if you know how to write, you can even write a book.

I have been a writer for the three years but I haven’t written a book yet. But, I know a friend who just wrote a book and made more than until now with just that book. All he did is created an e-book and started selling it via Instamojo.

Now, if you are looking to write a book just start visualizing some stories and putting them on paper. And when you have a few stories combine them and publish a book.

You can sell it on Kindle and make a lot of money out of it. All it takes is your effort only once and you make money for a long long time passively.

#13. Jewelry Designing

Designing is an art and if you can design anything you can convert your passion for the art into a session. Jewelry is very precious and you can only imagine the amount that a jewelry designer can charge.

I met a person in my gym, who turned out to be a jewelry designer but he was working for some jewelry designing firm on a salary basis. When I asked him about the industry he just told me that there are people who charge somewhere around lakhs for a fresh design.

imagine if you create the design of your own and get the patent. And, then endorse it in the market. You can make money for your life with the Royalty of a single design.

#14. Online Teaching

Teaching is something where you share your knowledge and make money. Remember it is not for money but there is always money because you need a driving force no matter what you do.

If I Have to give an example Think and Learn is the best example available right now. You can only imagine how much money they are making being te biggest Ed-tech company in the entire world. If you do not recall the name then Byjus is the popular product. All they do is create video lectures for kids and make money.

You can do the same as a teacher. If you already teaching someone then just start recording your lectures and expand your audience.

You can create a Youtube channel and upload they’re or simply conduct face to face virtual lectures or you can start your own website. The choice is yours but there is huge money in there.

#15. Paid Courses

If you are teaching already then you can also start creating a paid course. Some people do it on Youtube for free but you can do it professionally.

Udemy, Corsera are some of the popular platforms where people sell their course. You can create a course about any subject of your knowledge and upload it on Udemy then set your price and people will buy it.

If I have to learn anything I look for an online course on Udemy and there are a lot of people like me. If you know a particular topic share it by creating a course and make money out of it. Making money is easy when you have something to give.

#16. Dropshipping

To sell something you need something that is the product but in dropshipping, you don’t have a product but you sell it. It’s like selling a product without buying it.

You just find [product add your own margin to it and find the right customer. It’s like buying a product from Amazon and selling it on eBay. It looks a bit complicated but trusts me it’s very easy.

You can start your own Dropshipping store on Shopify and start making money. There is a popular Youtuber who made a lot of money by selling vapes online.

Imagine you have all the controls on your profit without having a product. You can add any amount of margin to your product.

#17. Make Money Online by Selling Artwork

Artwork includes any type of art. It can be a painting that you have painted or some handicraft work. It is very precious and those who have the talent can earn a livelihood out of it.

There is this Youtuber whose channel known as Deep life makes portraits and sells them for Rs 11000. See, what an amount! All it takes is a canvas and few colors to paint. But the money he charges is for the efforts that he puts in.

And it’s just an example, you can sell any type of artwork. If you don’t trust me just check out Amazon website to see the products people selling online. And, even Amazon does not ask for GST to sell the artwork.

#18. Influencer

Nowadays, if you look at the marketing aspect more of brands are going with influencers instead of paying for advertisements. This is because influencers are more reliable than paid ads.

An influencer is someone who has an influence over someone. It could be with any platform be it Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or Tiktok. If you have a certain type of people following you, you can make money out of it.

Yes, it’s quite easy, all you have tod is give them some type of content and they are going to follow you. And, if they are following you brands are ready to pay.

#19. Freelancing is a good way to make money online

Freelancing is something you do for someone remaining free. You do it on your terms from your place and on your timer. It’s like a business contract for just an order. You do the job and get paid.

There is a popular website called Fiverr where you can find any type of work and people ready to do any type of work. I have been doing freelance writing for the past three years and they pay me.

It includes almost everything from video editing to content writing, from graphic designing to film making. I encounter an ad on five claiming to teach you PUBG.

#20. Domain Selling

do you know this that you can make money just by buying and selling domains? Yes, you do not need to create a website or do any thing but simply buy a domain and sell it for huge money.

A domain is the name of a website that appears on the browser as a URL. And, there are people who just buy a domain which can fetch a large audience and sell it when the time comes. What actually happens is that there are people who want a specific domain and if you know what it could be then you can buy it before they do it and then ask them for huge money.

A few years the back name of Gurgaon was changed to Gurugram and the guy who bought gurugram.com was paid a heavy amount for the sale of a domain.

All you need to do is keep an eye on the trend and buy the domains before others do and then you can sell them on your price. You may not get paid for every domain you buy but if you are able to sell a perfect domain you can get millions of dollars in your account.

#21. Make money by Selling Property online

Property selling is a hot way to make money for a long time. There are people who don’t have a job but they sell properties. You may call them brokers but they are smart people.

And, that broker thing can be done even online. Last year, one of my dad’s friend who is a real estate constructor asked my dad to help him in selling his properties and in return, he agreed to pay a commission. And, when my dad actually found a customer he paid 25 of the selling price.

This is what you can do online too. If you help people in buying the perfect property, you can make money too. You can make a deal with real estate constructor who will pay you a commission and that’s it.

You can use social media such as Twitter and Instagram to find the people who are looking to buy properties in your area.

#22. Sell Photos Online to make money

As soon as you can sell a product, you can sell a photo of the product. Product photography is always in demand from those who are advertising the product.

Not only the product photography but if you are a good photographer you can sell any photo. They say that Photography is done by the photographer, not the camera. So, if you are thinking that you don’t have a camera, don’t worry you have a smartphone. Your smartphone is capable of doing everything especially the magic of the camera.

You can click nice pictures using the Manual Mode or Google Camera app and click pictures beyond imagination. Then you can sell these photos on Shutterstock or do it on your website.

#23. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one thing that is driving everyone’s attention and five years down the line that is going to be the biggest career opportunity for everyone. You can be a digital marketer by learning it or by doing it.

yes, the best way to learn digital marketing is to do it. And the best way to do it on your own website. So, create a website and start doing it and eventually, you will become a digital marketer.

You can make any amount of money with it. Digital marketing includes Social media, web development, content writing, content marketing and almost everything considered digitally. There are people who make more than a crore with digital marketing

Do you know about Niel Patel? If you haven’t heard anything about him then you must Google it.

#24. Start Podcasting

Podcasting is talking about the stuff that draws the attention of people. It can be some sort of learning or simply your experience. In those words, it is just a recorded Radio broadcast.

There are people who just do podcasting for their living. I spent 1-2 hours listening t6o some podcast on Youtube. While going to bed, I download the audio clip from Youtube and listen to it while going for sleep. Now here is an opportunity for those like talking.

You can create a website and start uploading your podcasts they’re or simply do it on Youtube.

No matter where you do it but as soon as you have audiences you can make money with it.

#25. News Portal

Nowadays all the news is available on the Internet. Some people still watch the news on TV or read the newspaper but people like you and me lie to know on the go.

And, if you like keeping track on what is going on in the world, you can always let others know about it too. You can create a news portal that has the latest news gets posted first. And, Google News is the best source to get traffic online.

You can post news about a particular segment or general news. Some interesting niches for News Portals are Wrestling, Sports, Cricket, Blogging, Or the best way is to start posting news about your local area.

#26. Create a Digital Product

Making money is very easy when you have something to sell. And that something could be anything means anything. You can create a course, an e-book or anything including software or maybe any app.

If you have a product then you can set your own price and make huge money. And this product can pay you for a very long time but that doesn’t stop you. because once you sold a product you can sell again.

And to sell anything, you can create a website or sell it using any e-commerce platform.

#27. Be a Clothing Designer

The clothing industry is changing very drastically and people are shifting to become more fashionable. And, if you can people to be more fashionable you can make a lot of money.

If you have a sense of fashion and know something about the trend you could be a clothing designer. Making something new surely fetches attention and when you have the attention you are on the verge of charging leverage.

All you have to do is make a new design and find the right people who can pay for your designs. Again you can also start designing T-shirts as merchandise and even sell them online.

I know a website called Mydreamstore.com where you can submit your design and create a campaign. You have to find the buyers for your design and they will do the whole job.

#28. Do Microtasks on Amazon Turk

Amazon Turk is a popular platform to make money online and it is by the famous e-commerce giant Amazon. They ask people to do small tasks that a computer cannot do. It includes checking some spellings, filling captchas or anything like translating a few product descriptions, etc.

You can go to the Amazon Turk website where you can register yourself and then start doing these small tasks. The good news is that it is now supported in India.

The amount you will make is not going to be that big but you can earn pocket money doing soma small tasks as a part-time job.

#29. Become a Language Instructor

Do you know more than one language? If you know then its good news that you can make money with it.

There are people who want to learn new languages and if you can help them learn a new language you can make money online by just teaching a language that you already know.

English is the most demanding language and if you are reading this post then I am quite sure that you can teach it to others too. You can even teach English to people here in India as there are people looking to learn it.

#30. Be a Tax Consultant

Tax consulting is helping people plan their taxation and help them save taxes from Government. There are two means to save tax one is tax planning and the other is tax evasion.

If you know how taxation works and how things go in the eyes of law. Then here is the deal for you just start helping people how they can plan their finance and save a bit of tax.

Let’s suppose you help someone save ana amount of Rs 1 lakh as tax then you can charge your fees around 10000. Isn’t it ana mount that’s worth a few minutes of consulting.

start finding people in your area first with the help of a blog that you can easily create.

#31. Tax Return Filing

If you know about tax consulting then you can also file tax returns. Even if you don’t have a much of knowledge about Income Tax, you can file an income tax return.

You need to know a few things about the Income Tax Act 1961 and watch a few Youtube tutorials about filing a return. It’s easy but first I would suggest that you get some sort of certification so that you can convince people easily.

the perfect way could be to start a blog for a website and find customers online easily. Firstly, you can start with your area and then you can go even global if you know how taxation works in other countries.

#32. Start Travel Consulting – Make Money Online

Traveling is something everyone loves but they don’t know how to plan their travel. There are websites like Make My Trip charging hefty amounts to do this. But if you can help them with everything about travel you can charge your commission.

Also, you can charge commissions from travel companies and hotels for giving them, customers. It all works when you start the business and it does not take any investment too.

You can start a website suggesting travel details with meticulous planning and you earn your reward.

#33. Online Dating Consultant

Online Dating is a modern concept that’s going very fast thanks to the popular app Tinder. And there are tonnes of dating apps available online. But the problem is that these apps do not work the way they claim it to be.

So, if you have a good network you can be a dating consultant. You can help people find the right date but they can do it with these apps too. But you can help couples with their issues and make money.

You can start an online forum for couples to solve dating issues and do some consulting work.

It looks like you are gonna be a Love Guru but you are going to make good money too.

#34. Online Fitness Trainer

Fitness is something that is going very much trending nowadays. Everyone wants to be fit and that’s a good thing. And, if you help people being fit you are not only helping a good cause but also making money with it.

You can make money online by teaching Yoga, Gym, Home workout or something like meditation. It could be anything related to fitness. Maybe you can help people find the right nutrition for them.

It’s quite easy to do something you already know and let people know it. Fitness consultants make as much a san amount that you can imagine.

#35. Start Trading on the Stock Market

A Stock market is a place where you can buy stocks meaning ownership[ of listed companies in the form of shares. You can buy actual companies there.

As a beginner, you need a bank account and that it. If you have a bank account you can open a Demat account and start trading. I started trading back in 2016 and then quit it after a few time. But I have a few stocks that worth double the amount they were back in 2016.

The perfect way to make passive income, in the long run, is to buy some good stocks and forget about it. After a few years when you see your stocks, they worth a lot more than they had their worth.

#36. Be an Online Translator

If you know more than one language then you can be a translator for those who need it. There are people who need their work to be translated maybe their client need it or maybe they themselves need it.

There is this website called Proz.com that pays for translating docs and files in any language. And, if you know any other language you can work as a translator and make money online with it.

Translation can be done from English to Japanese, Chinese, Hindi or any other native language or vice versa. No matter what you do but you will find money in it.

#37. Do E-mail Marketing

A lot of people say that e-mail marketing is dead but no only they failed to do it. it still works very fine and a lot of people make money online using the various combinations of e-mail marketing.

I know a person who is doing a combination of e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing and making more than $2000 every month.

So, if you start affiliate marketing using e-mail marketing, you can still make a lot of money with even having any website or anything. All you have to do is collect some e-mails and send them a list of products they can buy and if you convince them you can earn money online.

#38. Become a Social Media Manager

Social Media is one thing that has the most number of users be it any platform. Some people use it for entertainment and some make money out of it. There are people who don’t want to use social media but they need to use it.

But if you are spending a lot of time using social media then you must be knowing every trick of the platform that you are using. All you have to do is find the person who needs a social media manager and makes money out of it.

It’s not hard to earn online when you know what your skill is. And you just need to utilize your skill in the right way.

#39. Be an Interior Designer

Everyone wants a new and good looking home office and the place that looks organized and cheerful gives peace.

If you know how to decorate a place then you can help others decorate their place too. You can start a website where you can tell people about organizing their things and do it at cheap rates.

This way you can earn online by affiliate marketing and as a consulting fee too.

#40. Start an e-commerce STORE

E-commerce is something where you integrate the Internet with commerce and commerce includes a distribution system. So it is a store that distributes well to the right customer.

Amazon and Flipkart are two of the quite popular in India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started Flipkart by selling books online and now they sold it to Wallmart. Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon is the richest man in the world.

This is what the beauty of e-commerce because with the growth of Internet people love shopping online and all you have to do is sell a product that is not there in the market already.

#41. Sell Videos Online to Make Money Online

Now video creation is something that I already told and you can upload those videos on Youtube. But if you know how to create videos then you can also create them for others. Or simply record a video that has some value and you can sell them.

People buy some sort of Drone shots and some stock videos. You can create time-lapse videos of something that looks attractive, create a cinematic video of a waterfall or anything. And these videos have value in the market.

Even you can create some animated videos and then sell them online.

#42. Design Games & Earn Money

The gaming industry is flourishing especially after the growth of PUBG Mobile. Everyone wants to make money by just playing games. But you can make money online by designing games or rather creating games.

You can be a gaming designer by just doing it with Unity. I am not saying its that easy but it can be started that easily. And, if you learn it then you have huge money waiting for you in the future.

This is one of the great prospects in the future and going to be a very demanding career.

#43. Make Money Online by Playing Games

And, if you think designing games is not the thing that you can do then you can even make money online by just playing games. Since the arrival of PUBG Mobile, there are a lot of people doing live streams on Youtube and earning good money.

You can be a gamer on live streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch and make money online. Also, you can participate in gaming tournaments and earn a good reward plus sponsorships are always there.

And, one more way to make money is by conducting gaming tournaments and charging an entrance fee for aa winning prize.

#44. Make Money by Shortening URLs

Shortening URL is a good way to make money and a lot of people shorten URLs and share those links and make money when an ad appears. Its good but the amount that you get is too low for it.

And, if you want to make huge money then you can start your own URL Shortening website and take a full part of earnings. It’s quite easy to create such a website. All you need is to create a website with a script that you can get for free and start making money with it.

Recently I saw a video where a guy shared that he makes money by a movie downloading website and to make revenue he uses his own link shortener. Great! isn’t it?

#45. Be a Reviewer & make money online

Do you want to be a reviewer? And, by a reviewer I mean you can review anything and even in text format. Just share a review of 200-300 words and you get paid for every review you publish.

Two years back I used to write reviews on Mouthshut.com and earned a few bucks. Back in the time, they used to pay Rs 40 for each review published.

You can start writing your experience about any product or service that you have ever used and you will be paid for it. You can start with the movies that you have watched and the products that you have used or anything.

#46. Ask Questions on Quora & Make Money Online

Quora is a popular platform for seeking answers to y7our questions. And if there are answers that means it starts with questions. And, that was the problem Quora was facing that there were a lot of answers but only fewer questions. So, to solve this issue Quora started paying people to ask questions.

A few months ago, Quora sent me an invitation to their partner program and when I joined it I made $20 in a month for asking questions. When I asked a question about how to double an amount of Rs 30000 in one month a lot of people responded and that single question fetched me $15.

See that is how you make money on quora. You just ask questions and when people reply to your questions and others visit their answers you make money.

#47. Be a Mediator and make money online

I mentioned 46 ways to make money online and there are three more ways to earn money but all of them require some sort of skill. But what if you don’t have any of these skills? Still, you can make a lot of earning online following this simple trick.

Previously, I was asked to make an Android app by one of my clients. I accepted the order but I did not do it myself. I just found another a person who made the app for me for just Rs 500. And, the amount that I charged to my client was Rs 3000. See the money that I made for doing nothing.

You can find the people that ask for some sort of job and the people who do that job. Meanwhile, you can earn a commission. There is a popular saying that you become rich by getting the work done not by working yourself.

#48. Do SEO Work

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and there is a lot of money involved in this work. It includes keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content marketing too.

You can start an SEO Agency where you do the SEO for others. The amount that can be charged could be for one project or a membership sort of thing where you charge a monthly fee for your services.

Firstly, you will have to learn SEO yourself then only you can do it.

#49. Be a Product Reviewer & make money online

Whenever I have to buy something I watch reviews first be it a small grocery item or something precious. Reviews are very informative for someone who is actually looking to buy a product.

You can be a product reviewer on Youtube or create a website for reviewing products. It can be started with the products that you actually own than when you start making money you can buy a few products just to review.

As your audience grows brands approach automatically to give you a review unit.

#50. Bec an App Reviewer & make money online

Similar to product reviews app reviews are also quite popular and people love to know about new apps that can do something new. and, if you are one who is curious about new applications then you can start telling others about these apps.

You can share your reviews on Youtube or your website and as your platform grows, brands will start paying you to get featured.

Earning money is easy with doing something that you already love doing.

How I Make Money Online?

These are the ways to make money online that actually work. And some of these methods are actually personally followed y me and I have seen people making a lot of money with these awesome ways. It’s a list where actual ways to make money revealed only. I am not bluffing here or aiming false claims. It really works in 2019 too.

My journey to making money online started in 2015 when I first had my first Android Smartphone. In the beginning, I used to download apps like Mcent browser and some other a[pps that I actually don’t remember. But the basic thing that I did were to watch some videos or download some other apps and these apps used to give me some cash. And, I used to use that cash to recharge my phone.

Then I tried a lot of things like app reviewing, voiceovers and absolutely everything. Finally, I discovered my talent for writing in 2016 and since then I have been a freelance writer. I have made revenue via content writing, SEO Work, video editing, logo designing, reviews, blogging, voiceovers in the past three-four years.

I can say that if you follow any of these ways to make money online you can make handsome money in the long run. All you have to do is be consistent with it.

What do you think of Blogging in 2019 as a source of Revenue to make money online?

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