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Do you want to be a writer and make a living out of writing articles online? But if you don’t know how to start making money by writing articles then here I am with the step by step guide to making at least $500 monthly.

Before I tell you the whole process you need to understand that writing is not for everyone because you have to be creative and passionate about it. So, if you have discovered that you can be a writer then there is nothing you to stop you. I have been writing articles online for the past three years and to be honest this is my main source of income. So, if I can do it then why not. And let me tell you that I wasn’t a writer from the beginning and then I discovered the fact that I can be a good writer.

How did I Start Writing Articles? My Journey

I was just a normal guy like you had nothing to do with the world of writing. But all of a sudden something happened. It was 2016 and I was just working for my new Youtube channel. There I used to upload videos about smartphones. And I uploaded a video about a new phone which was viewed by a friend who was running a blog. He was impressed with that video and asked me if I could write to him and I couldn’t deny him. After all, he agreed to pay me. Now don’t get surprised if I tell you that he was paying me only Rs 40 per article. But still, I was about to earn pocket money.

That was the beginning of my writing journey and I started writing articles regularly. I used to write one or two articles in a week and somewhat 12-15 articles in a month. This means that I was earning a maximum of Rs 600 a month but I wasn’t looking for money. It was like I started enjoying writing. After a few months, he referred me to another client who was seeking for a content writer. And I started working with him for rs 100 per article. Then I got another client through a referral and meanwhile, I started my own blog. So I was writing for four blogs now and making somewhat around Rs 8-10000 a month.

How much I earn by writing articles?

Now it was 2018 when I got a client who agreed to pay me Rs 500 per article and I started working for him. I worked for a few months with him and that was the time when I realized that this industry works on PPW basis. PPW stands for pay per word and that was the time when I decided to charge Rs 0.30 PPW. By now, August 2019 I charge Rs 0.75 PPW for Indian clients and $0.25 PPW for International clients. As of now I write 5000-6000 words every day and make around Rs 2000-3000($35-$45) a day by writing articles.

Writing is not just Writing Articles

This is how I make money by writing articles on a freelance basis. I am not employed by anyone but work with freedom and make money online. If writing is not your passion then I posted an article on “50 ways to make money online.”

Writing is an art and what if you can start your own business utilizing that art. Yes, instead of writing for others you can also start to write for yourself and make passive income in the long run. If you write an article for someone he/she will pay you once. But if you post the same on your blog, you will make passive income. And here is a plan to make “Passive income with Blogging while you sleep.”

With my journey as a content writer, I have learned a lot and I devised a step by step plan to make money by writing online.

Step by step plan to make money by Writing Articles

Choose a Niche

A niche is the topic or category of your content. So, before you start writing anything you will have to choose a niche but the real question is how to choose a niche? You have to decide the niche on your own because you are going to write on that niche and no one else can help you on that.

Let’s suppose I suggested a niche that is very profitable and has very less amount of competition. And, you even accepted it and started working on it too. But if things don’t go so well and you do not make money, what will you do now? You are surely going to stop working on the niche and I don’t want it to happen. So, here is my suggestion to you.

You should choose a niche that gives you happiness and you will work on that as long as you feel happy. Then money is not the motivation for you but your work is. You are doing it because you like it.

Start Writing

So now, you have your niche not because someone suggested you but you choose yourself. And, the next step is to start writing but how and where will you write? You need a platform to write anything. You can approach a few blogs in your niche to let you write for free. Yes, you have to do it for free first. Nobody is going to pay you with zero experience. So, the best thing is to get some experience first.

You can ask them to allow you to write a few posts. And, if you are writing good content they are surely going to hire you.

Or the other way is to start your own blog and you can do it for free. Yes, you can create a blog for free on Blogger. It won’t be that professional but remember you are just learning here. So start writing on that blog and then have a look at how good your posts are? And, if you are convinced with what you are doing then others must be too.

Let others know

And, if you have written a lot of content, now you need to let others know about your content. But how would anyone know that you are the new bee in the market and putting some great content ahead? you have to tell them, right?

As of my personal experience, Social media is a great place to share anything and that is why it is. Especially, Facebook is a great place with a lot of active users craving their brain. All you need to do is join some relevant groups on Facebook and start sharing your articles there.

This way you will let others know that you are writing articles and looking to make money with it. If you share on a regular basis, you are surely going to find a client for your content. You can show your posts as sample work and ask them for pay. My suggestion is to keep your charges as low as possible because you just want new orders now.

And, if you deliver them with the best content at the minimum price they are surely going to stick with you. And, even when you ask for a raise they are not going to deny it.

Use freelance sites

Now, if you are quite capable of your writing skills and have the confidence to write any type of content its time for you to start taking orders from freelance sites. There are plenty of freelance sites that you can use to make money online. I have made a list of some freelance websites depending upon my experience and experiences of a few people that I know.

I am not guaranteeing that these sites will surely give you orders but they are going to help you. It’s not me saying this because when I was looking to get orders online I could not get the best of these sites. So maybe your luck works and there is no loss in trying them.

Here are some freelance sites for writing articles:

Make Money

Now you have your niche and you have also started writing on your niche. This means that you are now a professional writer. So, what are you waiting for now? It’s your time to make money now.

You can sue the above-mentioned sites to post an ad and get clients from there. But I will tell you a different strategy. Firstly you decide a rate that you are going to charge for a post. You can choose a rate that is for a fixed bundle of the article. Or you can have a pay per word rate.

As far as my opinion goes you can charge Rs 0.20 PPW as a beginner or more it totally depends on your skills. But what I am saying is start with the minimum and as time passes you will be a great concern writer and going to make a lot of money.

You can also post an ad on Google Adwords if you can spend a few bucks and facebook groups are always there. And, the best way to get orders is by referral and if you do good work with one client he/she is surely going to refer you a few more.

How to Be a Good Content Writer?

So, you have your niche and you have started writing articles and everything is fine. But, before all of that you need to be a good writer. And,  being a good writer takes nothing but a few measures.

I would say creative writers are born and they have a special talent but the good thing is that you can learn it. And, learning a few things would take nothing but some practice. Here are a few things that you should consider if you want to be a good writer.

Write simple

Some people try to impress people by writing some heavy words and they don’t succeed. It’s good that you are using some high-class sophisticated words but the problem is that you are writing for the general public as your audience. And, if you want people to like your articles you have to write simply.

Highlight keywords

When you are writing something, all you do is try to explain some points. So, why not highlight those points while writing the whole sentence. Some people just want to read points instead of reading the whole sentence.

Use Active Voices

Yes, active voices are more preferred than passive voices while this one is just a passive voice. But the thing is you should use a combination of active and passive voices where active voices should be more.,

Check Spellings

I am not saying that you always write wrong spellings but a human is more likely to write wrong. And, all you have to do is check once again spellings and rectify the wrong one. You can use some spelling checkers.

Check Grammer

With spelling, grammar is the most likely thing that can be wrong. And, it happens with me all the time. To solve grammatical problems you can use a free tool called Grammarly.

Use Dialogues

Dialogues are more likely to build interaction between you and your readers. So, why not use them to be more interactive.

Concluding the easy way of writing articles from home and make money online

This is how you can be a good content writer and make money online by writing articles for your own blog, as a freelancer or doing a full-time job. No matter what you do but you are surely going to make money with your passion.

I never realized the fact that I could be a good writer and I am not saying that I am a good writer but my clients say. And, I am proud that people are interested in my articles.

It’s not necessary that you follow my guide but you can surely take help of it and build your own plan. Bt, the most important thing is that you execute your plan. And, whatever your plan is surely share with me in the comments or you can mail me directly. I would love to know your story.

Whatever you are doing just keep doing and make money with it.

Have you ever thought of making money by writing articles?

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